Cyberfrunk 2077: what if Frasier was cyberpunk?

Major Frasier created this powerful tribute to Frasier and Cyberpunk 2077. I hestitate to even attempt a description beyond that, but I did ask what was up with them. The reply follows:

I make a lot of Frasier-inspired art over on my Instagram @major.frasier — a "leaked" Frasier episode featuring a deepfaked Kelsey Grammer and a talking brain in a jar, a fake ad for a Frasier-themed guided meditation app called "Fralm," etc. — but this was by far my most ambitious effort to date.

I had been wanting to play around with the Unity game engine for a while. When the Cyberpunk 2077 release fiasco the idea just sort of clicked. 

Unfortunately I have basically zero experience working with 3D modeling, game development, or any of the requisite skills, so it took a lot of tutorial watching, trial-and-error, and help along the way. I had to bring in a character designer to make the Frasier model, for example, and I got a ton of help with the Frasier apartment set from a great 3d modeler on Fiverr. 

There was also the great singer I found on Fiverr who I hired to sing the Frasier theme over the instrumental version of the song "Never Fade Away" that was featured in the actual Cyberpunk theatrical trailer. (A lot of people don't even notice it, naturally.) And of course the amazing VO performance by a guy I found on Backstage, which is a sort of Craigslist for actors. So I got a lot of help along the way.

Some good tips there on how to execute a project beyond one's own skills.

Major Frasier further admitted to having not played Cyberpunk 2077 and to have only watched "like a season and a half of Frasier, tops." They offered the following parting aphorism:

A stupid idea gets exponentially funnier the more seriously you take it.

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