Jeb son George P. Bush tries and fails twice to post the phrase "raining fire"

George P. Bush, a Texas politician and son of former Florida governor and GOP presidential candidate Jebbity "Jeb" Bush, wanted to get a Twitter dig in on Liz Cheney. His first attempt was a photo of himself in which he was also quoted saying "instead of reigning fire on the President, she should have been reigning fire on Biden…", misspelling the homonymic "raining fire".

While one may rain fire upon something, one cannot reign fire. The tweet soon disappeared.

When it reappeared, however, the phrase was corrected not to "raining fire" but changed entirely, to "training fire."

Though grammatically adequate, it's an entirely different phrase: in the context of a supposed quote, apt work for a party interested in adjusting perceptions of the recent past.

Texas could do with more trains, that's for sure.