This PSA told me that if you smoke pot, you might become flat (literally)

Beware: If you smoke pot, you might become flat (literally), like Sarah, the girl in this Anti-Pot video! The video was made by Above The Influence, in an attempt to inform teens about the effects of marijuana. (Above the Influence was a program of the not-for-profit Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, which received millions of dollars in funding from booze and tobacco companies. They hate competition).

In the video, Sarah's friend wants to know why she isn't responding to him, and just laying there on the couch, in a flattened-out state. Sarah's other friend in the room goes on to explain that Sarah's marijuana usage is the reason she won't respond. I'm surprised that this Above The Influence video didn't elaborate something along the lines of: "She won't answer you because she is immersed in contemplating the nature of cosmos, gaining insights that will immeasurably improve the quality of her life and make her a more compassionate human."