Deleted video shows Marjorie Taylor Greene berating AOC through office mailbox slot

Archived by CNN's Andrew Kaczynski, video shot by congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (before her election to the House of Representatives) shows her in full QAnon mode, berating Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez through her office mail slot: "You are bringing God's judgment on our country!"

Greene is flanked throughout by creepy, grinning MAGA-hatted cronies. One whispers through the door: "you can't stay in there forever. Can you come out and play?"

I've edited the half-hour video down to a minute or so of the wildest moments:

Greene yesterday made the news for harassing Ocasio-Cortez outside the House chamber, behavior that earned an earnest rebuke from House leader Nancy Pelosi and a quip from Ocasio-Cortez: "these are the kind of people I threw out of bars"

In the full video (embedded above), reportedly deleted by its original poster, it takes Greene 8 minutes to find AOC's office. The weird belligerent stuff starts about 10:20 in, and Greene starts berating her through the mailslot on the 12 minute mark.