Peckin' Pixels is a fun resource management game about running a chicken farm

In Peckin' Pixels you start out with one chicken, a coop, and $250 to buy corn for the chicken. When she lays eggs, you can sell them to buy more stuff. In no time you will be managing a large flock of chickens, which you can dress in outfits of your liking.

It was created by a solo developer named Jenny. She says, "Peckin' Pixels uses no game engines such as Unity or Unreal. It is written from scratch using built in browser technologies. The game takes place entirely inside an HTML canvas element, and uses plain Javascript."

From the description:

  • Raise colourful chickens from egg to hen.
  • Buy special chicken food with different effects.
  • Unlock rare chickens with different colours.
  • Dress your chickens in cute outfits.
  • Complete your objectives and unlock the rainbow, golden chicken and win the farmer cup!

[via Sensible Endowment]