Senator Tom Cotton accuses AP of being in cahoots with Hamas after office bombing

Following in the steps of Donald Trump and his conspiracy-fueled "enemy of the people" war against the press, Senator Tom Cotton (Q-AR) insinuates that the "intrepid" Associated Press has been colluding with Hamas. This is obvious to him simply because the AP (as well as residential apartments, Al Jazeera, and other businesses) rented out space in the same 12-story building that Hamas supposedly used for military intelligence – the same building that Israeli forces destroyed on Saturday.

"Why is the Associated Press sharing a building with Hamas?" Cotton asks, as if he's just "gotcha'ed" the AP. "Surely these intrepid reporters knew who their neighbors were. Did they knowingly allow themselves to be used as human shields by a US-designated terrorist organization? Did the AP pull its punches and decline to report for years on Hamas' misdeeds?" After his outrageous accusations, the dangerous senator wraps it up by trying to put the Press on the defensive. "I submit that the AP has some uncomfortable questions to answer."