Watch kayaker rescue a struggling man: "His eyes started closing"

Kayaker Sally Wallick happened to be filming while out paddling on Okanagan Lake, Canada when she came across another kayaker who was struggling. His lips were purple, his eyes were closing, and he was hanging onto his capsized kayak for dear life. She thinks he was struggling in the water for about 45 minutes, according to Global News. Although she "tried to keep it light," she was actually thinking "Oh no, this guy needs help right away."

This video shows how she calmly helped keep him afloat, even getting into the water with him at one point to position his body over her kayak. There are spots in the video where, because of water or body positioning, we lose the visuals (the longest stretch from :55–2:27) but can hear her every step of the way as she told the man what to do next. In the end she flagged down a pontoon boat who took the man to shore where help was waiting for him.