Affordable, easy to roll around, very heavy umbrella stand

This umbrella stand, filled with sand, handles my 11' umbrellas no problem.

I wanted big ol' umbrellas. I work outside every morning that I can, and the glare can get pretty intense. During warmer spring, summer and fall days the umbrellas are fantastic all day long. The crappy cement one I had in the back yard was threatening to lift off with slight breezes, but was a pain in the rear to move around. I wanted something else.

This stand is well made. The wheels are fantastic for outdoors. Filled with water and weighing around 83lbs or sand + water coming in around 123, it can handle 8' to 12' umbrellas. The rule I've read is 10lbs per 1' for umbrella.

I have one of these, my parents have two filled with water, none have leaked.

Best Choice Products Fillable Mobile Umbrella Base Heavy Duty Market Stand via Amazon