Matt Gaetz pal pleads guilty to six felonies

Joel Greenberg, who reportedly claims that his friend and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz paid for sex with multiple women and a minor-age girl, yesterday plead guilty to six felony charges related to all the sex trafficking.

The 84-page plea agreement Greenberg formally signed off on in U.S. District Court does not mention Gaetz or any one else by name. But it states that the victim of the sex trafficking had sex with "other men" while she was 17. Aside from Gaetz, sources close to the investigation say prosecutors are also examining a former employee of Greenberg's in Seminole County office, a co-conspirator of Greenberg's who allegedly was involved in defrauding a coronavirus relief fund and at least one associate of Gaetz's. The unindicted co-conspirator is mentioned but not named in one of the federal charging documents against Greenberg.

But it's Gaetz who prosecutors with the Justice Department's Public Integrity Section are looking into.