Milwaukee bakery burglary suspect arrested after bakery put his photo on cookies

Dominic Kolp (45) probably didn't expect to have his photo appear on cookies baked by the Milwaukee bakery he allegedly robbed. On the cookies, a beanie-bedecked Kolp cuts a dashing figure in a coy over-the-shoulder portrait, which was digitally printed using edible dye, and framed by red candy florets.

From Fox 13 News:

Police released the photo of the burglary suspect — and the owner of the bakery "took the digitized image of the burglary suspect and converted it into a cookie decoration in the likeness of the suspect. The decorated cookies were widely reported."

On April 26, an officer saw the pictures of the suspect online — and recognized him. A couple of days later, a local business owner also called police to identify the suspect in the bakery burglary as Kolp.  

The complaint says on May 9, officers responded to a hotel on W. Layton Avenue where Kolp was staying. He attempted to jump from a second-floor balcony to escape police but was taken into custody.

Hopefully, they won't use the gentleman's mugshot for a second edition of cookies, as he doesn't look as appetizing: