This $15 training makes understanding digital art and animation easy

We've come a long way from the animation techniques that drove Walt Disney to fame and defined the medium for nearly 100 years. Back in the 1930s, it took over 1,000 animators and technicians almost three years and countless hours of drawing to craft Disney's epic classic Fantasia

Now with the refining of computer animation, features like the latest Disney adventure Raya and the Last Dragon still take a lot of time and effort, but the wealth of readily available animation programs and platforms now make it much easier for artists to follow their bliss and make virtually any creation spring to life. Students can learn those skills and set themselves up for a potential career as an animator or digital creator with the training in The Digital Art and Animation Designer Learning Bundle.

Across six courses, this collection explores the basics of creating animation and digital art in 2021 — and it doesn't involve highly technical animation software to make it happen either. In fact, most of this training centers in apps you may already be using from the Adobe Creative Cloud suite to Apple's Keynote for Mac.

Mac users can start with the Free, Easy Introduction to Animation on a Mac and Ocean Theme: Apple's Keynote in Digital Art courses. Here, budding creators learn how Apple's Keynote can be used for basic animation, creating gifs, and bringing graphic elements like a logo to life, even if they aren't serious artists.

Meanwhile, there's also a lot of hardcore animating that can be done right from Adobe's popular digital media apps. First, Images to Cartoon Images with Photoshop explores how to turn regular photos of people you know into legitimate art, including comic characters, cartoon characters, oil paintings, and pencil drawing effects that look incredible.

In Adobe XD Animation: Complete Guide from Icons to UI, students learn keys for animating elements of a website's user interface, including icons, buttons, forms, text, sliders, and more. And After Effects Animation Essentials expands those abilities, offering ways to use After Effects to create marketing videos that use awesome animations to leap off the screen.

Finally, Vyond is another platform for creating cool 2D animation, and the 2D Character Animation Course with Vyond course walks users through their process as well, covering animation effects like scene transitions and motion paths, as well as creating and customizing your own memorable characters.

The Digital Art and Animation Designer Learning Bundle includes 16 hours worth of in-depth training, and with the current deal, it's all available now for less than $3 per course, only $14.99.

Prices subject to change.