This $50 rechargeable pocket flashlight is always prepared for emergencies

Flashlights are one of those emergency items that you don't really want to leave to chance. Over 99 percent of the time, you don't think or particularly care about the state of the flashlight in your kitchen drawer or in the glove box of your vehicle.  But during that moment when you really need it, when you can't see and that light can make a big difference, you need a flashlight that springs to life at a moment's notice and always gets the job done.

Nextorch is a brand known for its outdoor gear — and this P80 Rechargeable 1,300 Lumen Pocket Torch lives up to that pedigree as a compact, yet powerful lighting solution when you need light in a pinch. And if you don't want to take our word for it, reviewers on Amazon have delivered solid support for the P80, offering a 4.6 out of 5-star rating.

At six inches long and just over 8 oz., the P80 is a perfect EDC light, lightweight enough to never feel like a drag, but with booming performance when called into action. The P80 sports an Osram P9 LED that throws out a blistering 1,300 lumens at its maximum output. But if you don't need to put something under the spotlight like that, this light also features a 350 lumens medium beam and a softer 25 lumens low setting to match your needs.

Those settings are controlled via the dual side switch design, which allows users to quickly flip into the light's one-step strobe and mode switch quickly with one button, while the other handles the typical on-off functions.

This light is also built to survive all of your adventures as well, featuring an aerospace aluminum body, an impact-resistant, lightweight lens, and a stainless steel strike bezel with nano-ceramic beads to easily break glass in case of an emergency.

No need to add new batteries when you unscrew the top of the P80 either thanks to its USB port. That supplies a charge for anywhere from 2 hours of light at the highest brightness to almost 60 hours at the lowest setting. It also has an LED battery indicator, so it's always easy to check your current battery level.

Suit with this tactical-worthy P80 Rechargeable 1,300 Lumen Pocket Torch from Nextorch, a $59 light now almost $10 off with this offer, available for only $49.99.

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