Add this awesome portable screwdriver set to your EDC for just $35

If you've seen the delightful new Netflix animated movie The Mitchells vs. the Machines, then you're well aware that dad Rick Mitchell (spoiler alert!) saves the day from the robot apocalypse with the personalized gift he gave to every member of his clan — a screwdriver. It's played for laughs of course, but the universal truth comes through loud and clear — a trusty screwdriver is one of the most resourceful EDC tools you could ever slip into your pocket.

While it's no big deal for an animated family to each be packing a specialized screwdriver of their own, it's a little more difficult to actually be carrying a long pointed object everywhere you go in real life. For those of you who love the have-screwdriver-will-travel lifestyle, but aren't a fan of long, stabby shivs in your pockets, the Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit is the perfect middle ground between brilliantly prepared and tactically safe.

At an ultra-compact 5 inches long, the M250 boasts a composite body, a heavy-duty hex socket, and a 420-grade steel core along with a set of 12 S2 steel hex bits to basically handle any repair in record time. Users get a complete set of Allen keys, TORX bits, as well as flat and Phillips head drivers, all coming together as a one-stop solution for any screwdriver-related needs. Each of the bits can be swapped out, removed, or replaced as needed, with a magnetic storage system that keeps everything in place at all times.

The full package comes with its own integrated holster that can easily slip onto a belt loop. Or users can engage the magnetic mounting point to stick it to the refrigerator at home so they'll always know where it is. Sized to slip easily into a pocket or bag, the entire collection is 40 percent lighter than titanium, and is fully TSA-compliant to travel anywhere.

Right now, you can pick up the ultra-versatile Tactica M250 Hex Drive Toolkit at 30 percent off its regular price, a $15 savings that lowers your final price on this EDC mainstay down to just $34.95.

Prices subject to change.