Astonishing! University student carved two pencils into a single graphite chain with 212 movable links

M. Manoj landed a Guinness World Record for carving the lead inside two pencils into a single movable chain of 212 graphite links. A postgraduate student at Pookode, India's Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Manoj's only tools were surgical scalpels. After spending four hours each day for nearly a month, he bested the previous record by 44 links. From The Hindu:

He used Artline Black Beauty pencil. Its graphite's diameter was less than 2 mm and the work was completed with surgical blade no. 11 and 12 […]

"The major constraint I faced was the number of links I could carve in a single pencil and hence I used two pencils to carve the 212 links. Connecting the links of two pencils was a problem, but I solved it by making a crack on the last link," he said.

image: Guinness World Records