See inside a fully-stocked general store that hasn't been touched since 1963

Destination Adventure's Dustin Porter visited the 153 Mile Store, a fully-stocked general store in the Cariboo, British Columbia, that hasn't been touched since the shop closed its doors in 1963. Porter writes:

This is the 153 Mile Store, and it has sat perfectly preserved – full of unsold merchandise – since the day it closed in 1963. I grew up just down the road from this location, so I was always aware of it, but it was so much more than I ever expected. Its rare that you get to see old artifacts in good condition, but this store is FULL of artifacts in literally brand new condition. This store opened in 1900 and ran until 1963, when the owner died in the store behind the counter. Shortly after that, the doors were closed and locked and it has sat just the same ever since. The calendar behind the counter is still on the month and year that she died in the store. The store is located on a working ranch, so it has been kept in remarkable condition from the current owners of the ranch, but there has not been intention to open the store for public sale since the day that it closed.