Target bans Pokémon and sports trading cards after fights between speculators

I was bemused by this strange hand-made message on the way into Target and wondered what on earth went down. It turns out there's been a spate of violent attacks, including one where someone brandished a gun, between people who buy trading cards and flip them online. Between a) a speculative bubble forcing prices way higher than retail and b) wild-eyed anarchy in the parking lots, Target has had enough and will no longer stock Pokémon, NFL or other similar card brands.

Through investigation, it was determined that a 35-year-old male victim was physically assaulted by four males ranging in age from 23-35 years of age as he exited the store. Investigation revealed the altercation appeared to have stemmed from a disagreement involving the purchase/possession of sports trading cards obtained from Target, police said. During the assault, the victim who is a valid CCW holder, was able to access his firearm at which point his attackers fled on foot, police said.