In this 1962 TV show a Polish finger puppet tries to imagine a world of color

Jacek and Agatka was a Polish finger-puppet TV show that ran from 1962-1973. 

The show was written by Wanda Chotomska. This was the first Polish television show created for childrens' bedtime. The show is about two young siblings named Jacek and Agatka, who are played by adorable finger puppet characters and explore various topics for kids. I find it so charming how the characters are made so simply out of wooden balls with painted-on faces and controlled with gloved hands which are shown on screen. Although I don't understand Polish, I love the feeling of the show and enjoyed watching this episode. These puppets are the oldest characters on Polish TV, and many kindergartens in Poland are named "Jacek i Agatka", after the title of the show. 

About the show:

The cartoon reflected the realities of the period: black-and-white images, getting by on a zero-sum budget. In one of the first episodes, Jacek addresses their colourless reality. Before going to bed, he ponders a glass object. He explains that in reality it is coloured and that he believes that by putting it under his pillow, he would colour his dreams. Created by Wanda Chotomska, the polite siblings paved the way for all subsequent Polish cartoons.