Use Unity Engine to create your own games and get a year of PlayStation Plus for $70

Most gamers would consider it to be the culmination of a lifelong dream, making a living actually creating the games they love. Of course, to get to that dream job with a healthy paycheck, there's a lot of groundwork to be laid first.

The reason many game developers are paid handsomely for their work is that it's not an easy discipline to master. But whether you'd just like to understand how game production works or you've got your sights set on entering the industry, the training in The Unity Game Developer Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus bundle can help make creating your own games more than just an idle fantasy.

Unity is the most popular game engine on the planet — and with the training in these 10 courses filled with almost 100 hours of intensive content, students can be well on their way to harnessing this powerful platform to bring their own creativity to life.

No matter what type of game piques your interest, there's likely coursework presented here that can help you build your dream game. For instance, few game genres are as historically popular as the first-person shooter game, so the Construct a First Person Shooter does just that — guides users in building a player character that can move, jump, shoot, master weapons, take on enemies, stock up on supplies, monitor their health, and, if they aren't careful, die.

Next, Action RPG Development for Beginners explores what it takes to assemble your own third-person action game, complete with animations, environment, attack mechanics, and more. Or follow the training in a pair of courses to build your own games with the goal of simply surviving, including a ninja survival game geared to mobile platforms.

There are also courses here explaining the role of artificial intelligence in game development, offering guidance on using C# programming and NavMesh AI to build your own starship game as well as a tank battle game. Finally, students get no less than four courses on the hottest segment of gaming today — multiplayer games, often with open warfare Battle Royale-style formats. Once you're through these courses, you'll not only understand how these shared-world multiplayer games work, but how to make one of your own.

Plus, the collection also features another fantastic treat on top of all that game creation goodness — a 1-year subscription to the home of multiplayer gaming online, PlayStation Plus. In addition to being able to square off in hundreds of your favorite games against more than 18 million PlayStation Plus subscribers worldwide, membership also unlocks exclusive deals, free game downloads, and a whole host of additional awesome features.

Right now, this Unity Game Developer Bundle ft. PlayStation Plus collection is on sale for just $69.99. Considering a year of PS Plus costs $59.99, this deal comes with 10 comprehensive courses at about $1 a piece.

Prices subject to change.