Florida: high school staffer edited 80 yearbook photos of girls to appear more "modest"

In St. Johns County, Florida, students of Bartram Trail High School were surprised when they received their yearbooks to see that at least 80 photographs of female students (only) were digitally edited to cover up their shoulders and chests. Yearbook coordinate Anne Irwin was responsible for the photoshop disaster. From News4Jax:

In a statement to News4Jax on Thursday, the district said the school's previous procedure was to exclude student pictures in the yearbook that they deemed in violation of the student code of conduct and "the digital alterations were a solution to make sure all students were included in the yearbook." […]

News4Jax reviewed the yearbook and found shirtless photos of male students and other photos showing the shoulders of female students, but it appeared that only portrait photos were altered by Irwin.

Riley O'Keefe, a freshman at Bartram Trail High School, said when she got ahold of the yearbook Wednesday she noticed something different about her photo.

"There's a black box over my chest and the cardigan on the side is like moved over and it looks really awkward and I was very confused," O'Keefe said.

O'Keefe said she honestly thought her outfit was not in violation of the policy as she was never approached about it and even had what she was wearing on photo day cleared by the office.

"It made me feel a little uncomfortable that that's what they noticed when they looked at our pictures," she said.