Nevada GOP no-masker has been stripped of voting and speaking privileges until she apologizes

Nevada's state legislature allows members who have been vaccinated to work without a mask. Toxic GOP Member Annie Black, who won't say whether or not she's been vaccinated, tore off her mask while speaking on the floor. Other members asked her to put it back on but she refused. Black came back the next day without a mask, which prompted Democratic majority leader, Teresa Benitez-Thompson to call for a vote to take away her voting and speaking privileges until she apologizes. The motion passed. Posting on Twitter, Black promises not to back down and is calling on fellow "patriots" to "spread the word."

From Business Insider:

Black is barred from speaking or voting unless she apologizes for her conduct – but this seems unlikely."Trust me, this ain't over," she wrote in a newsletter to her followers on Thursday."

Later that day, she retweeted a post referring to the "Nazis running the Nevada Legislature."