This smart mat might be the smartest dog interpreter you'll ever own

Have you seen those dog communication buttons? Over the past few years, some enterprising dog owners have really opened some eyes with these gadgets, essentially giving smart canines the opportunity to "speak" to their owners as they communicate thoughts and feelings like never before.

Of course, our furry friends have been speaking volumes to us for centuries, but it's always nice when we can take that communication a bit further. When it comes to potty breaks, for example, that's communication no human wants to miss out on. The BarkingMat Smart Dog Training Mat is a pretty ingenious way of streamlining that conversation between pet owner and pooch in stunning simplicity.

The 22-by-15-inch mat goes right by the door outside. When your pet needs to go do their business, they step on the mat's trigger pad, which issues a pleasant chime or a spot-on dog bark. That's your cue to get to the door and help your pet quickly relieve itself. If you don't want the nuisance of constant chimes from the mat, the Wi-Fi-enabled model can also be set to a silent mode, which instead zips a text notification right to your phone that your dog has to potty.

Once your pet gets the hang of this thing, it becomes second nature to them, avoiding the barking, scratching, nudging, and other cues they use to get your attention. It's also made of easily cleaned plastic, so if there's an accident, it only takes a quick rinse to get it right back into service. Meanwhile, the lithium ion battery is completely rechargeable, just a swift USB power-up away from a full charge to keep serving your faithful friend for years to come.

Right now, you can enjoy the convenience and ultimate peace of mind of putting a BarkingMat on duty in your home at nearly $10 off the regular price. Retailing for $59, you can now get the regular mat model for just $49.99. Or you can go the Wi-Fi route and get the web-enabled mat version at only $69.99.

Prices subject to change.