Trump's sad new blog is already a flop as the numbers (and this funny video) show

Set to tuba-backed buffoon music reminiscent of a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, this video by Huff Post stars "Florida man," or sad-clown Trump, whose blog crash-landed a few days days after its launch. Needing a place to spread his lies and hate after being banned from Twitter and Facebook, the ex-prez had high hopes for his own blog, "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump," in early May.

Its first day "saw 159,000 social media interactions," according to the video. "However, the next day the site only saw 30,000 interactions. And now, Trump's blog has not topped 15,000 daily social media interactions in weeks." This is what you call a quick "slide toward online irrelevance," as The Washington Post labeled it. Or "whistling in the wind," as Elon university professor Megan Squire put it. Or, in simple layman's terms, a complete flop.