Turn regular toilet paper into flushable wet wipes

For those who really don't enjoy the coarseness of toilet paper, there's a growing legion who swear by flushable wet wipes.

And while flushable wet wipes are supposedly disposable by name, they technically shouldn't be flushed. Unlike toilet paper, which disintegrates once you fwoosh it away, those wipes are typically made of synthetic plastics or polyester that absolutely won't disintegrate. When they get flushed, they just clog up sewers, or even more personally impactful, your home plumbing.

Pristine Toilet Paper Spray stakes out that middle ground between TP and wipes, a soothing spray that turns regular unpleasant paper into a superior cleaning experience. Pristine got funded to the tune of $50,000 on ABC's Shark Tank because seasoned business pros are like everyone else and know the potential of a product like this. 

All you have to do is spray Pristine 3 to 5 times onto folded toilet paper, creating an instant wet wipe sensation that's actually flushable, free of harsh chemicals. And while store-bought wet wipes are full of additives that can sometimes lead to skin irritation and other bad reactions, Pristine is all-natural, including 100 percent pure coconut oil apricot oils, aloe, witch hazel, and other plant-based ingredients. It doesn't even include masking agents or fragrances, instead focusing on a top-notch cleanse for your refreshing time on the throne.

Pristine works with all toilet tissue brands, with this 4 oz. bottle poised to create almost 200 wet wipes, enough to keep most users supplied for more than 2 months. In addition to your bathroom, Pristine is a travel must-have, easily slipping in a purse, backpack, gym bag, or diaper bag for on-the-go use. And speaking of diaper bags, it's also developed for baby changing as well, offering a cool, soothing cleanup that can go right into the toilet rather than a diaper pail.

A bottle of Pristine Toilet Paper Spray is usually $13, but right now, you can try it out at over 20 percent off its regular price, or only $10.99.

Prices subject to change.