Watch: A pile of mice shoots out of farmer's grain bin as Australia struggles with mouse invasion

A waterfall of mice spilled out of a farmer's grain bin in Australia. Unfortunately, this isn't a shock to anyone living in parts of New South Wales, which has been dealing with what they're calling a "mouse plague" for at least six months. And it hasn't let up.


Gunnedah farmer Alex Laurie said he had left the grouper bin out in one of the paddocks of his property "Brolga" for a couple of days.

"Came back this morning and found this," he said.

"They've been here six months, but it's only in the last couple weeks they've got really thick like this," he said."

I don't have a lot of experience with mice, I don't think anybody our age does. This is the first mice plague we've had."

Sadly, according to 9 News, the country's solution is to "napalm" the state with bromadiolone, a substance that up to now hasn't been legal to use in crops, and "would not only kill off mice, but also their predators including birds of prey and goannas."