Watch: in 2016 the "Art of the Deal" co-author predicted Trump would blame election fraud if he lost

In 2016, Tony Schwartz, the actual author of Trump's Art of the Deal, told an audience at Oxford that Trump would never concede the election to Hillary Clinton if he lost, and would instead blame his stolen victory on a rigged election.

Listen, much more mentally healthy candidates for President than him have gone through extended periods of depression following their losses. It's a huge public loss and humiliation. But Trump is not available to depression. He just won't go there, I don't think. So instead, he'll go to anger. And he will drum up that anger that's sitting inside his supporters in any way he can to provide evidence that he was wronged, the election was rigged, and he didn't really lose. Trust me when I say this. When Trump loses the election, he will never acknowledge, he will not concede the election, and he will never acknowledge that he lost the election. Because to do that is to feel obliterated, and he's not going there. So it's going to be a dangerous tense time in America in the weeks after the election.

To which the interviewer says, "Thanks, very frightening."