Wonderful Dizzy revives classic ZX Spectrum character

If you like 8-bit games in general and those for the ZX Spectrum in particular, Wonderful Dizzy is a real retro masterpiece. Dizzy was a popular character and game franchise in the 1980s—think "fun yet murderously unforgiving platformers" in the UK tradition—and this is his first outing in decades. It's remarkable not just for running on the original system (itself celebrating its 40-year-anniversary in 2022) but being technically exceptional. Never has attribute clash looked so fantastic. [via Bennett Foddy]

Designed by The Oliver Twins using traditional methods…programming has been by Evgeniy Barskiy, whilst graphics were provided by Dmitri Ponomarjov, Alexander Filyanov, Oleg Origin, Marco Antonio Del Campo and Jarrod Bentley. Music & FX  by Sergey Kosov. The Logo and Poster illustrations were by Piotr 'PIT' Gratkiewicz

"We first contacted this talented team when they rewrote Crystal Kingdom Dizzy from scratch, improving just about everything in the game. We felt confident that if we designed a great new Dizzy game they would excel in the development and make an outstanding new game," [wrote] Philip Oliver.

"It's amazing to see such a large, colourful and engaging game running on a Spectrum – that's just 128k! That's the same as 6 seconds of an MP3 song. They've used every technique possible to make it absolutely stunning. Technically and artistically it's incredibly impressive and we're so pleased with what they've achieved," [wrote] Andrew Oliver.