A creepy single guy in Beverly Hills ordered a murder, online, with BitCoin

Unlucky at love and contract murder, 24-year-old Scott Quinn Berkett refused to let go when a woman failed to respond to his advances. Rather than find someone else who wanted his attention, Berkett attempted to use a website to hire a hitman, paying with BitCoin.

The folks he tried to buy the murder from turned him in.

Welcome to the justice system, Mr. Berkett!


Instead, Berkett allegedly contacted a group on the dark web that had advertised murder-for-hire services, authorities said. The group contacted a media outlet – which is not named in court documents – that in turn provided information to the FBI, such as messages, documentation of Bitcoin payments and information about the victim's identity, location and her distinctive tattoo.

Berkett is accused of submitting his order for the hit on April 28. He allegedly paid $13,000 in Bitcoin between April 5 and May 5 for the murder.