AirBuddy streamlines the connections between your AirPods and Mac

Apple is renowned for creating an ecosystem where all of their devices and technology play together nicely in a seamless, interconnected tech bubble. Of course, the reality is a little different. Sure, most of Apple's output falls into lock-step pretty easily, but there are a few unnatural fits that take a little bit of doing to get right. For instance, have you ever tried to sync up AirPods to your Mac?

While it seems like that should be simple, it's actually not quite as intuitive as you'd think. AirBuddy was created to make that connection between AirPods and a Mac as simple as the one those buds share with an iPhone.

AirBuddy streamlines the entire relationship between AirPods and a Mac. When you pop open the AirPods case near the Mac, you'll instantly get a status update on your AirPods' charging levels. Just like with your phone, AirBuddy instantly pairs up the two so users can enjoy all their computer audio right through the AirPods.

This special relationship also comes with some extra privileges, including custom keyboard shortcuts so listeners can immediately toggle between different listening modes, connect over headset devices, and more.

But AirBuddy doesn't only regulate AirPods connections. With AirBuddy, Mac users can essentially get an update on all of their nearby devices. In addition to quick status checks on an iPhone or iPad, AirBuddy even allows users to check the status of other nearby Macs running AirBuddy and their peripherals.

 And yes, that means all your cool Apple peripherals. For those who've got a Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, or Magic Trackpad connected to a Mac running AirBuddy, users can transfer those device functions to another Mac with just a single click.

AirBuddy makes so many Apple connections easy that the price was set to be just as simple. Regularly $10, it's on sale now at the very low price of just $8.99 while this offer lasts.

Prices subject to change.