Stori is a cannabis storage system for the smart, sophisticated, modern pot user

The cannabis revolution continues to roll on across America. In all, 36 states have approved marijuana for medical use, while recreational use is allowed in 17 states, including Montana, whose governor just signed that bill into law. And while states like Louisiana are debating full legalization, even the state's governor sees that as a foregone conclusion, even as two U.S. House Republicans are pitching another attempt at a federal pot legalization bill.

Just as marijuana's legal status is changing nationwide, this might be a good time to consider changing how you regulate your cannabis as well. Baggies, half-filled tubes, and other makeshift storage containers just don't do it anymore. Instead, weed fans can level up to the Stori Cannabis Storage System, a thoughtful, web-enabled setup that ensures all marijuana products are stored, organized, and secured safely and attractively.

At less than six inches long, the Stori system almost looks like a humidifier or a Wi-Fi router or another small household electronic device when it's all closed up. But inside, the kit includes 6 different pods made of food-safe aluminum, each capable of holding up to 7 grams of your favorite strains, all smartly organized and inventoried using a color-coded system. Inside the lid, there are also 6 similarly color-coded tubes, each for storing rerolls so everything stays fresh and together. There's also just enough room left for other needed paraphernalia like rolling papers, lighters, and vapes.

In addition to looking smart, modern, and subdued, the case itself is airtight to keep the marijuana scent contained, plus it's also child-resistant to help keep little hands or even pets away from exploring your stash.

Meanwhile, the set works hand-in-hand with the Stori companion app, an easy method for logging the details of any purchased products. While the app will keep track of what you own, it goes even further, linking to area retailers for the best pricing on easy re-ups. It also has full reviews from other Stori users on particular strains, as well as recommendations from Stori based on your preferences and location.

Regularly $220, the Stori Cannabis Storage System is available now at 25 percent off, just $164.95.

Prices subject to change.