This wireless charging station powers 4 devices at once and looks good doing it

How excited do you ever get about a docking station? Probably, not very. Considering its primary job is to keep your devices charged and generally just uphold the status quo, it's understandable that a dock doesn't exactly get your blood pumping. But docking station manufacturers usually aren't doing themselves any favors either.

Most docks have a look and feel that inspires absolute apathy. Thankfully, the Quad Tray by NytStnd breaks out of that mold, featuring a solidly constructed tray with impressive 4-in-1 charging capabilities that help elevate this well above the standard everyday docking tray also-rans.

First and foremost, the Quad Tray isn't made from plastic. It's actually crafted from real premium Amish sourced wood, bamboo, and with a high-quality real leather covering that immediately tips users to the fact that this is a cut about other dock arrays. 

And with that upscale look, the Quad Tray fit into most surroundings, classing up a messy workstation or fitting right in on a CEO's executive desk. It even has bumper felt pads secured to the bottom so when the station is on a flat surface, it never leaves any scratches or scuffs on the furniture.

Of course, this dock's functionality proves that it's more than just a pretty face. Front and center is the Quad Tray's 5-coil full surface charging area, capable of juicing two Qi-compatible devices at once. Throw in the built-in genuine Apple Watch magnetic charger spot and you can actually get three wireless power-ups going at a time. Meanwhile, there's also an integrated Lightning or USB-C port available for charging another device, bringing a high-output charging session up to 4 devices.

To go along with charging protections like foreign object detection (FOD), overheating overpressure, and overcurrent functions, this elegant tray works as — you guessed it — a tray. There's space here to put your wallet, keys, paper clips, pens, and other small desk items that keep your stuff looking as good as the rest of this dock.

Right now, you can pick up this hub that does everything right, the Quad Tray Wireless Charging Station, for only $191.99.

Prices subject to change.