Police claim to have identified drug dealer's fingerprints from photo showing his fingers

Merseyside police in the UK say they collared a drug dealer by matching fingerprints with his fingers, as seen on a photograph of him holding a block of cheese, reports CNN.

Authorities said Stewart's "love of Stilton cheese" led to his arrest.He was jailed on Friday after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply cocaine, heroin, MDMA and ketamine, and to transferring criminal property, police said.Stewart sent the image on EncroChat, an encrypted messaging service used exclusively by criminals that was infiltrated by police in a major operation last year.

The photo shared by police seems very low-res. In fact, it's so blurry there's no detail on the fingertips at all. I'm skeptical this one image got them a fingerprint match, frankly. A dollar says it's a particularly cheesy example of parallel construction, or perhaps just a lever they used to get a confession.