Curious penguin jumps on boat for a visit and quick video shoot

A tour boat got an unexpected passenger when a cute penguin decided to jump up and say hello. This was not a case of survival, like the otter who was recorded jumping into a boat to avoid an orca, or similarly a different penguin jumping into a boat to escape an orca's jaws. This almost seems common now. Is this a case of boat-jump training for penguins to learn another skill in orca evasion? The orcas must be getting irritated with the hand up humans are giving their lunches lately. Expect a statement from the orca union rep any time now.

via Dogtooth Media:

Polar guide John Bozinov was leading a tour through Antarctica's Ross Sea when a sole chinstrap penguin made a couple of attempts to jump onboard his Zodiac vessel. The 30-year-old killed the engine to make it easier for the bird to make the leap, finally landing successfully on the side of the boat next to one of the passengers.