YouTuber arrested after tying dog to balloons and letting it float away (dog is OK)

Gaurav Sharma, 32, attached his dog, Dollar, to helium balloons and let it begin floating off. The stunt was broadcast to his 4m-subscriber YouTube channel. A neighbor pulled the dog to safety as it floated up to his second-floor apartment balcony. After an uproar on social media, police in Delhi arrested Sharma on suspicion of animal cruelty.

In the clip, Mr Sharma is standing atop a car and his dog can be seen strapped with helium balloons. He lets go of the dog at one point and the pet starts floating in the air briefly as it goes up to the second floor of a building. Someone appears to catch the dog as it floats up. Cheers can be heard in the video as the person appears to be saving the dog. Mr Sharma later uploaded an apology and explained that he took "all safety measures" while making the video with his dog, Dollar.