Matt Gaetz just encouraged people at a rally to shoot Silicon Valley workers

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, who's been part of a sex-trafficking investigation as of late, doesn't like Silicon Valley because he thinks they are "hall monitors" who "suppress" the GQP.

"The internet's hall monitors out in Silicon Valley, they think they can suppress us, discourage us," he told an audience at an "American First" rally in Georgia yesterday, which also included Marjorie Taylor Greene. "Maybe if you're just a little less patriotic. Maybe if you just conform to their way of thinking a little more, then you'll be allowed to participate in the digital world."

And then he tried his hand at Trump-style coded language. "Well, you know what? Silicon Valley can't cancel this movement, or this rally, or this congressman. We have a Second Amendment in this country, and I think we have an obligation to use it." But he failed – we all know exactly what he meant.