This kid-friendly 3D printer bundle puts pure creativity in your child's hands

Sure, your kids would love a Nintendo Switch, a LEGO mega-set, or an animatronic Star Wars Grogu. Who wouldn't? But for a kid, toys can also live almost solely in the imagination. Give a child a wrapping paper tube and they'll turn it into a sword. Hand them a big cardboard box and watch them mod it into a racecar or a spaceship. Blankets become capes and pillows become forts. Sometimes, handing them the ingredients for fun can yield better results than the toy itself.

Sure, the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle is trendy and uber-techy, but it's also an imagination delivery system, a mainline right into a child's creative core with the option of producing practically anything. And unlike most expensive, finicky, adult-oriented 3D printers, the Toybox is built with the youngest audience in mind, a brilliant introduction to the world of 3D printed possibilities.

The Toybox was engineered for kids, designed to be as simple as a button press. Users just feed the Toybox with non-toxic, biodegradable printer filament, scroll through the accompanying app catalog with hundreds of cool toy ideas, make their selection — and push a button. Then, they can sit back and watch in amazement as the Toybox brings the toy to life right in front of their eyes. Once it's connected to Wi-Fi, the Toybox is literally ready to print right out of the box.

Among the thousands of ideas a child can choose from in the app, Toybox just formed a partnership agreement with Warner Bros., bringing a flood of new printable toys based on WB properties like DC Comics, Cartoon Network, Looney Tunes, Hanna-Barbera, and more. So if a kid wants to print Batman and Superman action figures with 9 points of articulation, or a Poke Ball, or an Adventure Time mystery box, they're all a click away.

But hey, what about a child's own creativity? With the Toybox's Creator Space, kids can actually create their own toy designs in the app, then let the Toybox translate that digital concept into a real-world duplicate. This set also comes with a full assortment of eight different filament colors that feed into the Toybox easily, creating up to 300 different toys.

Of course, it also doesn't hurt when you can pick up a fertile playing ground like the Toybox 3D Printer Deluxe Bundle at almost 40 percent off its retail price. Regularly $469, the complete bundle is now just $299.97 as a part of this Memorial Day sale.

Prices subject to change.