Unlock all of your dog's genetic mysteries with DNA My Dog, now on sale for $53

Every year, about 1.6 million dogs are adopted out of U.S. animal shelters. Those canines who found new homes through shelters and humane societies help make up nearly one-quarter of the 78 million dogs living in American households today.

While the visual characteristics of many dogs can give those new owners a pretty fair idea about their new family member's breed and other genetic traits, that's really only a guess. Without knowing their lineage, who can say exactly what your pound pup really is or where its true heritage lies. From a pooch that looks like a purebred to a Heinz 57 mutt, DNA My Dog offering their own Breed Identification Test can unlock the true mysteries of a dog's past.

And understanding the true genetic markers that make up the pet living in your home today is more than just satisfying idle curiosity. Knowing more about a dog's history can offer valuable insight into their potential genetic health concerns, their predisposition to disease, and their predominant personality and behavioral quirks.

Running a DNA My Dog test is as simple as genetically testing a human. Just swab a pet's cheek with the sterile applicator, bag it, and send it in. Within two weeks, owners get back an exhaustive report digging deep into the molecular building blocks of your animal to reveal the information you've likely always wondered about. Owners get a full breakdown featuring the exact composition of a dog's unique DNA and their exact breed mix. That also includes a custom photo certificate of the breeds found in your dog's genetic makeup.

In addition to a complete assessment of a dog's unique personality traits based on the breed finding, owners will also receive invaluable knowledge about the genetic health concerns as well as the risk for certain diseases common to a dog of their particular breed. That information may not be able to stop a pet from contracting an illness or falling prey to a genetic condition, owners will at least know what to look out for and can offer their dog the healthiest and happiest possible life with much clearer eyes.

A winner of the 2020 DogWellNet.com and GHP Biotechnology awards, you can now get the complete 411 on your pet with a DNA My Dog Breed Identification Test at a special Memorial Day Sale price. Regularly $79, the full kit for one dog is on sale for just $52.97.

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