Bamboo isn't just for pandas. Check out these 40% bamboo sheet sets at under $35

When was the last time there was a new addition to your bed sheet rotation? Has there been a new set of sheets on your bed in the last 18 to 24 months? For many, the answer is probably no. And while you might be surprised to hear it, you're actually supposed to be turning over your entire assortment of bedding every two years

If you take care of your sheets, the reality is they can last considerably longer than that, but since you probably should be considering at least one new bedding addition, this Bamboo Comfort Luxury Sheet Set would be a good place to start.

If you've never tried 'em, bamboo sheets are known for their solid blend of durability and comfort, so coupled with this deal, it's a good time to get these wrinkle-free wonders into your bed linen mix.

Made from an eco-friendly bamboo-microfiber blend, these breathable sheets feel brilliant while also offering the warmth and softness you might not even realize you needed. That natural blend also makes bamboo sheets hypoallergenic as well as wrinkle-free. They don't just help you stay healthy, these sheets even look better than other sheets while doing it.

Plus, bamboo is also hugely absorbent. In fact, bamboo sheets can soak up to 40 percent more moisture than cotton sheets, which comes in especially handy for those hot sleepers on warm summer nights. They're also large enough to fit super-thick 16-inch mattresses, so they're ready to slide onto virtually any bedroom set you own

Each six-piece set, including a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and four pillowcases, comes in one of seven different colors in either king, queen, or full sizes. You can choose from white, silver, ivory, sage, grey, aqua, and taupe color schemes. Or you can go a little more minimalist and only pick up a four-piece set with two pillowcases if you don't need a mountain of pillows filling up your bed.

A 6-piece Bamboo Comfort Luxury Sheet Set usually retails for $119, but as part of this Memorial Day sale, these sets are now priced all the way down to more than 70 percent off at just $34.97.

Prices subject to change.