The Reathlete delivers massaging and heat treatment for sore, tired legs. And now, it's almost $30 off

Take a look around the training room for any major professional team and you'll see several examples of the toll that heightened activity can take on the human body. Considering these athletes compete at the highest level the human body can achieve, it shouldn't come as a shock when us mortals feel achy after a day of gardening or making a mile or two while shopping.

However, those world-class athlete treatments work just as well for gardeners and walkers too. The Reathlete Leg Massager is designed for anybody running a fast-paced, busy lifestyle, especially those who have to be up on their feet for hours at a time.

For anyone who puts a lot of pressure on their knees, ankles, and feet, the Reathlete delivers personalized air compression therapy to improve blood flow, loosening tightness, and helping to calm soreness or swelling. 

Made from high-quality breathable fabric and with long-term durability in mind, this sleeve hugs your feet, calves, and thighs firmly, loosening up tight muscles and breaking up stubborn nerve knots with even just an hour or two of use each day.

On top of the air therapy, the Reathlete also brings the heat, including three different heat levels to attack those leg ailments with an entirely new set of tools. Meanwhile, you can let the air and heat do their magic while the Reathlete delivers a soothing massage up and down your legs. There's a kneading mode that hones in on the thighs and calves, a shiatsu mode that focuses on your feet, and a deep, relaxing compression therapy session that spreads across your whole leg.

The unisex sleeves adjust to various body types, and with 60 minutes of action every night, athletes, weekend athletes, and absolute non-athletes can all benefit from this targeted focus on recovery.

The Reathlete Leg Massager is regularly $189, but you can pick one up for $160.97 this week with this Memorial Day deal.

Prices subject to change.