This portable Global Drone sports a 4K camera and great flight features for under $100

Not too long ago, buying a flying drone for under $100 all but guaranteed you'd be back in the market for one soon — at that price point, they were often all but definitely going to disappoint. But the market has changed. Now, you can not only find some quality drones that don't break the century mark, but you can even find quality drones on sale dipping below $100 that are packed with features you'd find in much pricier models.

That's what you see today with this Global Drone 4K Platinum Version by Mesay, which with the limited time Memorial Day Sale price has dropped into the sub-$100 range at just $98.97.

The most distinctive feature that puts it into a higher class of unmanned aircraft is a built-in 4K camera. That's up to four times better image quality than 1080p cams, allowing users to capture truly breathtaking pictures and video with amazing clarity. And unlike 1080p footage, 4K video can be cropped, zoomed in, or reframed without losing too much quality, which is a huge plus once you start editing your aerial footage into mini-masterpieces.

With the Global Drone connected via Wi-Fi, you can actually see what that cam is shooting with real-time image feedback to the drone controller through your smartphone. This drone also gets high marks as a flyer, starting with the headless design that makes orienting the craft simple when it's in the air. In addition to the altitude hold mode function for a more stable flight and an adjustable 3-level flight speed, the Global Drone sports a gravity sensor, helping you guide the flight of the craft just through your gestures with the controller or your phone.

Plus, the foldable fuselage design and quadcopter arms make the drone easy to store and portable when you're on the go. Of course, that high strength and resistant-engineered body also make it ultra-durable whether it's shifting around in the back of your vehicle trunk or zipping through the air pulling maneuvers.

And did we mention it's under $100? Right now, you can get the Global Drone 4K Platinum Version with this Memorial Day Sale discount, dropping the price to just $98.97.

Prices subject to change.