An angry anti-vaccine passport mob storms Westfield mall in London, shutting it down

Hundreds of people protesting vaccine passports pushed past police as they stormed a Westfield mall in West London on Saturday. Once inside, according to The Guardian, they chanted "no more lockdowns" and "take your freedom back," and one of the organizers holding a megaphone shouted, "We're here as free people, spending our time communicating, to prepare for the summer of discontent, where we're going to organize in every community to prevent any more lockdowns. No more lockdowns!" Meanwhile, thousands of other protestors marched 12 miles throughout the streets of London.

From The Guardian:

"The staff were told to close down the shops while customers and the remainder of protesters were escorted out," Finzetto told the Guardian in a WhatsApp message. "Westfield eventually messaged staff to say they were closing down, most shops (normally open until 9pm) [were] shut for the day." …

Saturday's was the latest in a series of protests against the government's coronavirus measures in recent weeks that have drawn vast numbers of people. Protesters who spoke to the Guardian said they had joined the protest because they believed that the actions the government had taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic were causing more harm than good.

One protester, who would give his name only as Paul, from Bedfordshire, said he was taking part because he was scared about where the unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties under the pretext of fighting the pandemic would lead.

"I'm frightened about our liberties, our choice about whether we want to be vaccinated or not," he said. "Lots of people legitimately don't have any faith in it at all."