Arizona wants to use Nazi death camp gas hydrogen cyanide to execute death row inmates

Known to its best customer as Zyklon B, IG Farben's pelletized hydrogen cyanide was used to execute more than a million death camp prisoners by the Nazis. The state of Arizona, in need of an effective method to execute death row inmates now that lethal injection is out of commission, knows a tried-and-tested solution when it sees one. The Jerusalem Post:

The Arizona corrections department has spent more than $2,000 on the ingredients required to make the deadly gas also known as hydrogen cyanide, and have conducted inspections to make sure that their gas chamber, which has been unused for 22 years, is in operable condition. The Republican-controlled state has not carried out any executions since 2014 when a lethal injection went wrong, but they are now working towards reinstating capital punishment.In 2014, the execution of Joseph Wood took two hours and 15 injections before he was declared dead.