Missing World War II monument found after being used as a backyard tool shed for decades and almost purchased to be a poolside changing room

For decades, Chris Moore and his family used the odd octagonal structure in their Loveland, Ohio backyard as a tool shed. When it was time to sell the property, Moore included the structure in the estate sale. Local deputy fire chief Mike Books and his wife considered buying it to become a changing room by their swimming pool. After looking more closely, Books realized the structure could be the town's World War II monument that was dedicated in 1944 and then relocated during construction in the 1950s which is when it went missing. The Loveland Museum Center confirmed it was indeed the old monument albeit stripped of its steeple and lists of area residents who had served in the World War II. From WCPO:

Moore, stunned to learn what his family tool shed had once been, immediately agreed to donate it back to the city of Loveland.

The restoration process took months, but the result was ready for Memorial Day: Names restored, insignia reattached, exterior freshly repainted and put on display outside the Loveland Museum Center.