This bundle of popular Mac apps can optimize your entire system for just $35

Just like your body and your car, if you take care of your Mac, your Mac will take care of you. Officially, Apple's flagship computer is expected to give users between 5 and 8 years of quality service. But if you properly care for your rig and do the proper security and maintenance, most Macs actually last 8 to 11 years, or even longer.

Of course, the right tools never hurt when trying to maintain your computer's fighting edge. With the quality apps included in The All-Star Mac Bundle ft. Parallels Pro, you can improve your system's efficiency, avoid ugly crashes, and generally help your computer run like the high-performance tech triumph that it is. 

This collection's crown jewel is Parallels Pro, a desktop virtualization software that has been a perennially popular Mac must-have for almost 15 years. With a one-year subscription, you can run literally thousands of Windows-based apps on a macOS without any system slowdowns and crashes. If you work in a Windows office, but own a Mac, Parallels eliminates the cross-platform headaches, allowing everything from Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, and thousands more to load up and run like they were written for a Mac.

While that's a huge addition alone, the collection also features lifetime licenses for four more key productivity apps, including BusyContacts. This customizable contact management system is your Contacts list 2.0, featuring a visually rich, highly intuitive interface for organizing information on everyone from friends and family to business connections easily.

Your Mac will definitely run more smoothly under the protection of FastestVPN, a top-flight VPN service for securing your web connection, blocking cyberthieves and snoops, and protecting your identity and valuable information online. 

Finally, users also get a lifetime of access to cutting-edge 2D animation creator Moho Debut, as well as PDFChef, which eliminates the hassles of handling PDF documents with all the resources to open, read, edit, and convert any document easily and safely.

All together, the apps in The All-Star Mac Bundle ft. Parallels Pro would normally cost almost $900, but in addition to the sale price, you can save an additional 30 percent off by using code ALLSTARMAC at checkout. That brings the final price down to just $34.99.

Prices subject to change.