Bodycam footage shows deputies closing in on San Jose mass shooter, who kills self as they approach

Authorities in California today released bodycam footage from one of five sheriff's deputies arriving on the scene of last weeks' mass shooting at a San Jose rail yard. Almost as soon as they enter the depot, they close in on killer Samuel Cassidy, 57, who shoots himself as they approach his position and announce themselves.

As they come to another door, one of the team looks through a small window and says: "I've got somebody down" inside. The team opens the door and somebody shouts "Let me see your hands!" What might be two more shots are heard. The footage shows a man slumped in a chair near a stairwell with a gun in his hand. He is across from a dispatch center door with a window shattered by gunfire. The gunman had shot himself under the chin then put the gun to the side of his head, the sheriff said.

Bungling his own headshot, an apt exit.

If you're wondering why I'm linking to the New York Post, it's the only place I found that's posted the footage without heavily editing it, overlaying announcer narratives of what's going on, or framing it with formulaic, condescending newsroom blather.