Why hasn't the Maserati driver in D.C. who shot a woman for cutting him off been arrested yet? [UPDATE]

[UPDATE 6-2-21 3:41pm PT: From DC Police Twitter account: 42 year-old Kenneth Miles Davis Jr., is wanted for an Assault with a Dangerous Weapon (Gun) offense that occurred on 5/19/21, in the 1600 block of Eastern Ave., NE.]

[UPDATE 6-2-21 10:14am PT "Police have recovered what could be the Maserati used in the road rage shooting in DC 2 weeks ago. Car being towed now in PG County."]

On May 21, Washington DC police issued a bulletin seeking the public's assistance in identifying a driver who shot and injured another driver for cutting him off.

The suspect and vehicle, described as a two-door gray Maserati, was captured by a nearby surveillance camera and can be seen in the photo below and in this video: 

From True Crime Daily:

Police believe the shooting was the result of a road rage incident, the Washington Post reports. Police said the woman attempted to change lanes in front of the two-door Maserati.

The Maserati driver "became angry and exited his vehicle," police said, and video shows him walking up to the woman's vehicle and shooting at the car as it drives away. The victim struck another car and stopped at the intersection of Kenilworth and Eastern, the Post reports.

The woman was struck by gunfire in her vehicle, and a child inside the car sustained minor cuts from shrapnel, police said.

Video then shows the suspect firing at a vehicle behind the Maserati before he gets in and drives away. No other injuries were reported.

From WJLA news:

The suspect is caught on video returning to his car door, pointing in the opposite direction at a second vehicle; according to a police report, that driver backed up as the suspect fired into the car. The suspect then drove off.

Authorities said there was also a child in one of the involved cars, but they only had "minor cuts" from the incident.

Even though the police department has offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the suspect's arrests, the shooter is still at large.

It's surprising that the police haven't found the shooter yet. He left his handprint on the car he shot. And how many silver GranTurismos are in Washington DC?

A lot of people on Twitter say the answer is that the man hasn't been arrested because he has diplomatic immunity. That seems likely, and if he isn't arrested soon, then it's all but certain this guy is related to a diplomat.