Better productivity requires a full brain overhaul. This training can help make it happen.

The numbers prove it — the American worker is actually getting the job done against some very long odds. 

Since the late '50s, the productivity of the average American worker is up more than 250 percent. But when you look at the day of that average worker, it's a wonder anything got done at all. Employees in a workplace get interrupted an average of about 7 times an hour — and each interruption generally eats up about 5 minutes of their day. When it's all said and done, workers are so distracted that they're really only productive for less than 3 hours each workday.

That's just not going to cut it for many, so training like that found in The 2021 Productivity Master Class Bundle offers ways to eliminate those interruptions, get more done more quickly, and generally help that average worker level up their career.

In this package, learners receive 12 different courses, each offering varying tactics for streamlining workflows, improving information processing, eliminating bad habits, and helping the mind better tackle all the typical workplace tasks and responsibilities.

If you're all about practical steps, courses including How To Powerfully Get Things Done, featuring a 4-step framework for meeting goals; and How To Create Powerful Lifelong Habits, including a 7-stage process for dismantling bad habits, crafting an optimal work pattern, then putting those new ideas into effect. 

There are also a pair of courses dedicated to speed reading, with techniques to rapidly up your reading pace and take in double or even triple the information you're currently onboarding in just 30 days.

Of course, productivity is more about your mental and emotional mindset than the work itself. Beat Self-Sabotage helps learners manage their most negative thoughts, Beat Procrastination sets up strategies for avoiding mental obstacles that trip people up, and Mindset Mastery explains 7 exercises that can upgrade how you think and believe in just one month.

The 2021 Productivity Master Class Bundle brings together nearly $1,200 worth of career-defining instruction, now hundreds off its original price and on sale for only $39.99.

Prices are subject to change.