Blinkist crunches a best-selling book or even popular podcasts down to only 15 minutes

Every once in a while, a company debuts a new product or adds a new feature and you think, "Wow…now that's a really smart idea."

For nearly a decade, Blinkist has been one of the companies at the vanguard of the literary summaries field, condensing top nonfiction books into concise, easily consumable short form recaps their fans can read or listen to in just a few minutes.

So Blinkist decided to turn that same skill in summarizing books toward summarizing popular podcasts in the form of their new Shortcasts — and if you're a fan of podcasts, but feel like you never have time to listen as episode after episode of their favorites stack up, Shortcasts is a gamechanger.

Shortcasts are now part of the complete Blinkist offering, which boasts a library of more than 4,500 bestselling titles, all available in text or audio form. So far, more than 18 million members are part of the Blinkist family, with about 135,000 of those users giving the services a cumulative 4.7 out of 5-star rating from both Apple App Store and Google Play customers.

The Blinkist team of expert thinkers consume a work and get right to the heart of its message, crafting a 15-minute distillation of all the book's key takeaways, easily downloadable for reading or listening whenever. Users can find some of the biggest nonfiction books around across 27 different categories, covering everything from entrepreneurship to psychology, from parenting and economics to creativity and science, with about 70 new titles added every month.

And now, Blinkist has introduced Shortcasts, which consolidates popular podcasts down to the same schedule-friendly 15 minutes. Shortcasts are actually created and produced in consultation with the original creators, so users also get the real heart of a podcast, only at a much faster pace. 

Two years of access to a Blinkist Premium plan would usually cost almost $400, but thanks to this extremely limited time offer, you can now lock in 24 months of everything Blinkist does for almost 75 percent off, just $99.99. This deal ends in just a few days, so get in on the offer now.

Prices are subject to change.