Cheerios responds to comedian's F-bomb challenge

John Oliver issued a tough challenge to Cheerios as he went on a cereal rant on "Last Week Tonight". He called out the industry for failing to put out any new cereals of interest in years. Specifically calling out Cheerios, he challenged them to write a very short and simple post from their Twitter account: "Fuck you" is what he asked them to state. The theory being that at least something interesting would be brought to the dull breakfast cereal landscape, and he offered to donate $25,000 to the Cheerios charity of their choice.

Cheerios had a response:

I look forward to Oliver's reaction because God knows he wasn't asking for money to be thrown around. He was looking for something fun and Earth-shaking and this is a great gesture and all, but Zzzzzzzzz. Come on Cheerios! You don't need to be profane but man, talk some smack about Toucan Sam or Kashi's flavor-challenged offerings…SOMEthing!