Three-year-old piano prodigy will play at Carnegie Hall

Brigitte Xie will perform Mozart at Carnegie Hall this November as part of the American Protégé International Music Talent Competition. She's three years old, but will turn four in June.

Fox 5 has a video. From the news site:

Last summer as the pandemic wore on, Xie's parents, Nicole Sun and Tao Xie of Ridgefield, Connecticut, were looking for something to keep their toddler busy. They connected with Zhang, an award-winning piano teacher. After a few online lessons, Xie's parents brought her to Zhang's Greenwich studio for in-person lessons.

Xie's mother also plays piano. She started when she was 6 but says her daughter's skills surpass hers as a child.

"The first time I heard her playing a piano piece, I was so deeply moved," Sun said.