Jimmy Kimmel asks people to ID Jill Biden and the answers are hilarious

If you think everyone in the United States knows what Dr. Jill Biden, and even her husband President Joe Biden, look like, you're living in a bubble. To honor the First Lady's 70th birthday, the crew working at Jimmy Kimmel Live! stepped outside and showed passersby her photo, asking if they knew who she was.

The laugh-out-loud answers ranged from Tiger King's Carole Baskin to old-timey celebrities like Barbra Streisand, Carol Burnette, and, what would totally makes sense, "one of the actresses on Dallas or something." A few who were puzzled by Ms. Biden were asked if they could at least recognize the president. But nah, that was a stumper as well. Which goes to show, there are more interesting things in life to focus on than mere politicians!